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Insurance Careers Month


Our world is rapidly changing with emerging risks as complex as anything we've seen before, but our industry is facing a looming talent crisis to address these issues as baby boomers retire and less than 5 percent of Millennials have expressed interest in our industry. Insurance Careers Month is phase one of a plan to meet that crisis.

As many as 400,000 positions are projected to be unfilled by 2020, and it's clear that the critical role our industry plays in the pursuit of innovation and investment of capital is not fully understood among Millennials. 

Our national association's InVEST program has teamed up on a cross-industry initiative to highlight career opportunities, and they want your support not with funding, but in spreading the word. 

Watch the video below with Bob Rusbult, our national association CEO, as he explains Insurance Careers Month, find resources for spreading the word at the links at right, and please stay tuned for the next phase in the project, expected to launch in September.