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Trusted Choice®

Big "I" National Marketing Brand

Trusted Choice Presents A Make-A-Wish Grant to Huntington Girl

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Trusted Choice is the national marketing brand created exclusively for Big I members to help consumers understand the value that an independent agents offers: choice,  customization and advocacy. Designed to help agents compete against companies with deep advertising pockets, it's benefits are available exclusively to members. 

As an independent agent you bring something special to the table. Something unique and valuable.  You know that. We know that. But consumers need help understanding that difference. Enter Trusted Choice.


Trusted Choice is designed to enhance your agency branding efforts and advertising, not take the place of it. Flying the Trusted Choice logo positions you as a premiere agent and conveys a level of integrity, trust, and expertise. (Think the Good Housekeeping "Seal of Approval!")

Marketing Reimbursement Program

Trusted Choice® agencies are insurance and financial services firms whose access to multiple companies and commitment to quality service enable them to offer their clients competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and valuable advocacy.

Pledge of Performance

You know the value you bring to your clients. We encourage you to share the following pledge witih yoru customers & prospects.