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Legislative Bulletins

2020 IIAWV Legislative Banner.JPG
The IIAWV strives to maintain a vigilant legislative lobbying effort on behalf of the independent insurance agent. This is done through dedicated lobbyist representation during each session of the West Virginia Legislature, as well as maintenance of an active political action committee (WAPAC). IIAWV introduces agent legislative initiatives, monitors bills, and maintains an attentive presence on your behalf. In addition, our national association, IIABA maintains a national lobbying effort on behalf of independent agents, maintains a political action committee (InsurPac), and holds an annual legislative conference to meet with Congressional representatives. To keep members informed on current insurance legislative issues, IIAWV members receive weekly News from inside the Capitol updates from IIAWV during the session.
IIAWV also enjoys an outstanding working relationship with the offices of the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner and his staff. Our volunteer leadership meets regularly with the Commissioner and staff to discuss issues of importance to agents, agencies, and their clients.

Daniel Hall.JPGDaniel Hall.JPGDaniel Hall Director of Government Affairs & Membership Development Coordinator

Daniel Hall Director of Government Affairs & Membership Development Coordinator, is a native West Virginian, served two terms in the West Virginia House of Delegates before being elected to West Virginia State Senate.  During his legislative tenure, he served as chairman for several committees and ultimately as Senate Majority Whip. Prior to joining OMEGA, Hall worked as a State Liaison for the National Rifle Association of America.

Find Your Legislators

The Legislature's website is an excellent resource to find contact information for your local Legislators and the committees on which they serve.  Below are links to the member rosters for both the Senate and House.

Members of the West Virginia Senate

Members of the West Virginia House

News from Inside the Capitol:

2020 Issues: 

2020 IIAWV Legislative Summary Vol 5

2020 News from Inside the Capitol Vol 4 HB 4466 Passes

2020 News from Inside the Capitol Vol 3

2020 News from Inside the Capitol Vol 2

2020 News from Inside the Capitol Vol 1

Legislative Summaries

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Visits to Members of the Legislature -During Insurance Day at the Capitol 2020

We have the afternoon free during the Insurance Day at the Capitol to visit with your legislators.  We hope you will take the time to do so.  It is recommended that you schedule appointments prior to the event.  If you need assistance, we would be glad to assist. This Main Capitol Building Map, will show you where legislators' offices are located.