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New Hire Training


​Basics & Beyond - New Agent Training

You've been an agent for a year or two, and the ride has been incredible! You like the business, the relationships, and the challenge, but you suddenly realize insurance is complicated, confusing, and sometimes frustrating. This Big "I" Virtual University training can guide you through risk and insurance basics and beyond via the ABEN platform.
The program offers 3 hours to 24 hours of training for a wide range of learning experience - Basic to Beyond. Take an intentional step forward and gain powerful knowledge.


Risk, Risk Management and Insurance: Why Agents Are NOT Risk Managers (3 hours)

Understanding the Insurance Industry: From Regulations to Operations (3 hours)

The Law of Insurance Contracts and the Rules of Policy Interpretation. (3 hours) 

Torts, Negligence and Legal Liability (3 hours)


The Basics of Contractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insureds and Certificates of Insurance (4 hours)

Premium Auditing What Every Agent Must Know (2 hours)

The Basics of Commercial Property Underwriting and Rating: COPE (3 hours)

The Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions (3 hours)

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Big I Hires Logo Big "I" Hires - DIY Hiring Toolkit

You need to hire someone exceptional... and you want to do it yourself. We've developed the perfect resource to help.

Big "I" Hires DIY Hiring Toolkit guides you through the entire hiring process from preparing and launching your search, through screening and ultimately hiring and onboarding your next great team member.

This isnt a generic collection of materials. We've worked extensively with a top HR firm and a focus group of well-respected and high-performing agency employees to develop the right resources for each specific insurance agency role. These tools and full toolkit don't only explain how, they include customizable downloads to get you on track in minutes.

E&O Happens Agency Management 

A periodic review of your agency's business practices can give you an understanding of what procedural breakdowns may be occurring within the agency.  Included on this page is information on Agency E&O Audits (fee based) as well as Agency E&O Self-Assessments (free).   If your agency completes the audit, or self-assessment and addresses the fidings, you will greatly reduce your risk of future E&O claims.

Agency Procedures 

Consistency in practices and procedures regarding how business is done is a critical component in E&O claims prevention.   Coverage checklists, disclaimers, sample procedures and sample customer letters are just some of the valuable tools you can utilize to help prevent claims in your agency.

Quick Tips for Staff

Absolute E&O Survival Tips - E&O exposure can be created by anyone in the agency, including owners and managers, producers, and CSRs. This section makes improving the agency simple by providing easy-to-use tips targeted at different positions in the agency.